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Every step closer to the solution

Never has the phrase “Hang In There” been more meaningful. Amidst all the gloom of the pandemic, now entering its seventh month in Bahrain (if you count March 2020 as the first month when the action against COVID-19 was officially mounted), we are seeing a break in the grey clouds, a proverbial silver lining.

Vaccine trials have been mounted in earnest and Bahrain has reached its optimal level of trial numbers, thanks to the leadership and the determined vision of our Crown Prince and First Deputy Premier, HRH Prince Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa. He has closely monitored the vaccine progress and even volunteered himself for the experiment, winning the confidence of thousands.

As we learn to live with the fear and the precautions of the pandemic, there’s a greater chance of survival for those getting infected later in the cycle than those who got infected 6 months earlier. The reason for this is that doctors and scientists know more about Covid-19 now than 6 months ago and hence are able to treat patients better.

For instance, besides anti-viral drugs like Favipiravir and Remdesivir, doctors are now also using drugs like Asprin and Heparin ( blood thinners that prevent clotting) as a protocol in treatment regimens since June 2020. This is because of the understanding that the virus also causes blood clots in the blood vessels of the lungs and other parts of the body, causing reduced oxygenation.

The technology of the disease has also changed. Today, more people are monitoring oxygen saturation of all COVID patients * with a simple home use pulse oxymeter and getting them to the hospital in time for corrective treatment. All this means that patients have a better survival chance in September-October 2020 and going forward than they did in the beginning.

The other phrase that resonates in our battle against this virus is “Together we can”. Like a chessboard, each of us has a place in this fight and a path to move in. The government has to ensure that it is armed with the right medical intervention and personnel to manage the mounting figures; our leaders have to access the vision to plan our economic future and development.

And we the people? Ours is the most numerous responsibility. We have to stay vigilant, follow the prevention protocol of wearing masks, social distancing, and hygiene rules. No one group can win this deadly game but the lack of attention of one party can jeopardize all of us. Our leaders and our government are alert and ready to act. Let us also do our part.