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Infracorp achieves $37.5 million in revenue

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The Daily Tribune –

Infracorp announced yesterday a net profit of $13.6 million on revenue of $37.5 m during the six months ended 30 June 2022 with steady growth in its financials. Currently managing a portfolio of around $3 billion of assets, Infracorp aims to accelerate the growth of sustainable infrastructure development across MENA and South Asia regions.

Majed Al-Khan, CEO of Infracorp, commented: “We entered quarter two with a clear strategy based on diversifying our investment portfolio and increasing revenue. We are fully committed to carrying over the momentum of quarter one as a foundation for the rest of the year. Through investing in short and medium-term market instruments and new partnerships in the infrastructure development sector, we anticipate further improvement in our liquidity position.”

He also added: “We are pleased to see a steady and continued positive performance with equally favourable projections for our first year in operation. These results clearly provide a promising outlook for us to continue using as a foundation for our vision of a sustainable global community.”

Infracorp has initiated the construction of a sustainable ecosystem in part of its ongoing green vision through investments in a social infrastructure portfolio solution that comprises building materials, logistics and technologies that support climate change goals, as well as social infrastructure assets across the education and healthcare sectors.