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Verdict date set for couple accused of jewelry theft

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The High Criminal Court has announced it will issue its verdict in the case of an Arab man and a European woman accused of theft on May 29, 2024.

The duo are a married couple and they have been nabbed after the European woman was captured by CCTV cameras stealing 13 gold necklaces worth BD2,125 from a jewelry store in Manama.

During the court hearings, the European woman admitted to the charges leveled against her, while her husband adamantly denied the allegations.

The incident unfolded when the affected store reported that upon inventorying their merchandise, they discovered that 13 different gold necklaces of various categories and weights, valued at BD2,125, were missing.

After reviewing the store’s security cameras, they discovered that the duo had entered the store together, with the woman being responsible for stealing the mentioned necklaces.

Items The European woman confessed that she had gone to Manama with her husband and their children to purchase some items. While the children remained in the car, she went inside a jewelry store. She claimed not to remember the name of the store.

While the store employee was displaying various jewelry items such as earrings, rings, and necklaces, she engaged in conversation with her husband and secretly stole the 13 necklaces of different sizes and shapes, placing them inside her handbag.

She further asserted that her husband was unaware of her theft. Regular customer The husband stated that he had accompanied his wife to the store, where he purchased a gold necklace worth BD58.

He claimed to be a regular customer of the store and frequented it regularly.

Afterward, he returned home, and later, the police arrived at their residence, summoning him and his wife to the police station.

He was informed that his wife had stolen 13 necklaces from the jewelry store.

He clarified that his wife had committed the theft without his knowledge and that he cooperated with the police by handing over the stolen gold.