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Employee wins BD22,336 case against employer

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The Labour Court has ruled in favour of a former employee who sued his employer for unpaid wages and compensation after being terminated shortly after filing a police report against a colleague.

The court ordered the company to pay the employee a total of BD22,336, including unpaid wages, annual leave allowances, and compensation for wrongful termination.

According to the lawyer representing the employee, his client was employed by the defendant company as a development manager under an open-ended contract with an agreed-upon monthly salary.

During a marketing team meeting, the employee was verbally assaulted by a colleague. He reported the incident to management, but no action was taken.

Subsequently, he filed a police report.

A few days after the company became aware of the police report, the employee was informed that his services were being terminated due to poor performance. However, he had not received any prior written warnings.

The employee filed a lawsuit against the company, demanding payment of his outstanding wages from January to May 2023, compensation for annual leave, and compensation for wrongful termination.