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Bahraini MPs clash over ‘boiling eggs’ analogy

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A spirited debate erupted in yesterday’s session of the Bahrain Council of Representatives over a minimum capital investment for foreign investors.

First Deputy Speaker MP Abdulnabi Salman, backed by several members, clashed with Zainab Abdulameer, the Chair of the Council’s Financial Affairs Committee.

The bone of contention was the committee’s reluctance to support mandating a minimum capital investment of BD100,000 for foreign investors.

Abdulameer criticised the proposal, suggesting that it was being put forward without proper examination by the relevant authorities.

In an analogy, she likened the haste to boiling eggs.

In response, Salman levelled accusations of manipulation and deceit at MP Abdulameer. He contended that such tactics were a deliberate ploy to obstruct the legislative process and pave the way for a rival bill.

MP Abdulameer affirmed to the council the existence of a government decision that mandates a minimum investment of BD20 million for foreign investors to legally own 100 percent of a company.