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WIn Fellowship expands reach to empower Bahraini women entrepreneurs

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Report by Ashen Tharaka

The WIn Fellowship in Bahrain is embarking on an ambitious journey to broaden its reach and empower a wider range of women entrepreneurs. With a clear focus on adapting to Bahrain’s evolving business landscape, the fellowship aims to bridge the gender gap in various sectors and unlock the full potential of female participation.

This was emphasised by Lynn Monzer, associate director of the Atlantic Council’s WIn Fellowship initiative, during an interview with The Daily Tribune.

Lynn Monzer, a lead research analyst at the Wilson Centre specialising in identifying the missing links between low women’s economic participation and entrepreneurship and existing laws in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, highlighted the importance of this initiative.


Tailored programmes for Bahrainis

The WIn Fellowship offers a comprehensive suite of programmes designed to meet the specific needs of Bahraini women entrepreneurs.

“From a rigorous leadership development programme offered by Georgetown University to personalised mentorship from seasoned professionals, the fellowship provides the tools and knowledge crucial for success,” she said. “Additionally, participants benefit from a robust network of regional leaders and workshops aimed at strengthening women’s roles in business.”


Regional Network

Recognising the power of collaboration, the WIn Fellowship fosters cross-border partnerships. This initiative, exemplified by connections between Bahrain and Saudi fellows, broadens business perspectives and injects vitality into the regional economy.

Ultimately, the fellowship aims to build a network of women entrepreneurs across the MENA region, fostering a sense of community and driving collaborative innovation.


Local Impact

Collaboration with local entities is paramount for the WIn Fellowship. Partnerships with organisations like the US Embassy in Bahrain and Bahrain FinTech Bay ensure the programme’s offerings align with the needs of the local business scene.

Monzer stated that “this collaborative approach provides valuable insights into market trends, allowing the fellowship to tailor its programmes for maximum impact within the region.”