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From a hospital bed in Bahrain to his hometown in India

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Reported by Pradeep Puravankara

Indian expat Nagesh Padigela faced a daunting battle against emphysematous cholecystitis, a potentially life-threatening condition. Admitted to Salmaniya Medical Complex with agonising abdominal pain, vomiting, and rapid weight loss, the 36-year-old's future seemed uncertain.

But hope flickered within the hospital walls. The skilled doctors and dedicated staff meticulously stabilised Nagesh’s condition, offering him a lifeline in a foreign land. Their effective treatment and compassionate care became his anchor during his critical days.

Nagesh’s plight, however, extended beyond the medical realm. Struggling to navigate the complexities of his situation, he needed a guiding hand. Enter Pravasi Legal Cell Bahrain Chapter president Sudheer Thirunilath. Stepping forward with unwavering support, the social worker orchestrated Nagesh’s return to India, ensuring a safe and smooth journey back to his loved ones.

This heartwarming story wouldn’t be complete without acknowledging the chorus of kindness that resonated throughout Nagesh’s ordeal. The Indian Embassy in Bahrain, led by His Excellency Ambassador Vinod K. Jacob, extended all possible assistance. Social groups like Telugu Kala Samiti and the Sacred Heart Church Hospital Visit Volunteers offered selfless help, easing the logistical and emotional burden.


Finally, as Nagesh boarded the Gulf Air flight to Hyderabad with a medical escort by his side, he carried a heart brimming with gratitude. In a message echoing from afar, he expressed his deepest appreciation to each and every individual who had played a part in his recovery and repatriation. Nagesh’s story is a testament to the unifying power of humanity and a reminder that even in the face of adversity, kindness can illuminate the path back home.


Mr. Nagesh received by his relatives back home