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Small businesses from Bahrain unite for Palestine

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Reported by Zahra Ayaz

A remarkable initiative has emerged in Bahrain as small businesses band together to demonstrate their unwavering support for Palestine.

Spearheaded by a group of passionate individuals, an official Instagram account called Bahrain Collective has been established with the primary objective of collecting funds from participating enterprises to aid the Royal Humanitarian Foundation (RHF).

Cafes and restaurants across Bahrain have rallied behind the cause by offering special menu items that symbolise solidarity with Palestine.

Notably, these establishments are selling cookies adorned with the Palestine flag and bracelets featuring the iconic emblem. All proceeds generated from the sale of these items will be donated to the RHF.

Among the notable cafes participating in this charitable endeavour are Goodness Bakery Café, Green Bar Café, Curious Diner, Auro Chocolate, Cantine, and Rue Catering Boutique. In a statement issued by the Bahrain Collective, it was announced that for the remainder of the month, commencing on Tuesday, October 24, select menu themes will be introduced to showcase support for Palestine.

“The collective expressed their intention to contribute to the Palestinian cause and raise awareness about the numerous challenges faced by the Palestinian people.”


Handmade accessories

In addition to the café and restaurant initiatives, it has come to light that several small online stores are selling handmade accessories in support of Palestine. Notable examples include "beadbh_and_more."

Furthermore, Hyderabad Choice, a renowned restaurant situated in Um Al Hassam, has taken the remarkable step of abstaining from serving soft drinks as a gesture of solidarity. Moreover, it is noteworthy that prominent Bahraini TikTokers are actively avoiding establishments such as McDonald’s and Starbucks to demonstrate their support for Palestine.

The Bahrain Collective’s heartening efforts to unite small businesses in support of Palestine underscore the spirit of compassion and empathy that has permeated the Bahraini community.