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Bahrain expands agricultural land

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The Daily Tribune –

Bahrain is embarking on an initiative to increase its agricultural land, aiming to bolster the Kingdom’s food security while ensuring efficient water use.

To support this endeavour, Bahrain is committed to investing in cutting-edge renewable energy technology.

The Ministry of Municipalities Affairs and Agriculture underscores that this strategic move is geared towards sustainability and determining the feasibility of cultivating high-value crops.

In line with this development, the ministry has initiated tenders to attract investors interested in acquiring land plots in the Buri area.

These plots of land come in varying sizes, with one spanning 11,916.8 square metres and another offering 7,439.8 square meters.

Each of these plots has garnered significant interest from potential investors.

Among the bidders, Safa Poultry Farm submitted a bid of BHD 72,820.550 for plot number 88000518, while Mashtal Sanwan quoted BHD 0.342 for Plot No. 88000517 in the Buri area.

Sanwan’s bid is currently under review by the authorities.

The ministry envisions that this step will raise the percentage of agricultural self-sufficiency in the Kingdom, enhance the economic viability of the sector, foster national capabilities in food industries, and elevate the share of locally produced crops.

In a similar development, a plot of agricultural land on offer for investment by Bahrain Real Estate Investment (Edamah) in Hamala attracted three bids.

According to the tender board, the plot attracted three bids: BHD 83,046.798 from Rayhan Agricultural Development, BHD 6,050.000 from Meat and Spices, and BHD 103,080.000 from Dyna Contracting.

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