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Bahrain Polytechnic gears up for transformation

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Bahrain Polytechnic is poised for a significant transformation, aimed at aligning its operations with international standards.

The institution is moving ahead with a 10-year work strategy dedicated to rejuvenating the existing campuses and establishing a centre for vocational education.

To this end, the Department of Facilities: Projects & Maintenance at Bahrain Polytechnic has embarked on an internal 10-Year Work Strategy, endeavouring to formulate a comprehensive and contemporary plan that meets global standards while simultaneously charting a 10-year course for the revitalization of the current campuses.

In pursuit, Bahrain Polytechnic has introduced the “Bahrain Polytechnic Campuses Master Plan 2023-2033.”

Additionally, the institution has appointed Gulf House Engineering as its consultant for this transformative journey.

The development of the campuses will ensure minimal disruption to the ongoing educational experience, maintaining a conducive environment for learning.

Central to Bahrain Polytechnic’s success tender document is the delicate equilibrium it seeks to strike: expanding classroom capacity, retiring obsolete classrooms, and accommodating the annual growth targets.

This equilibrium underscores the institution’s unwavering commitment to fulfilling the expectations of its stakeholders in terms of planned annual growth.

Gulf House Engineering emerged as the project winner, triumphing over Dheya Tawfiqi Engineering Consultancy Bureau (BHD 148,637.500) and City Engineering Bureau (BHD 66,000.000).

The consultancy service contract was awarded at BHD 93,500.000.