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AI to power Bahraini satellite Al Munther

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Reported by Julia Cassano

The use of artificial intelligence to analyse images captured in space by Al Munther, the first fully Bahraini-built satellite, offers significant advantages and will result in lower cost, real-time results, and higher efficiency, according to an expert in AI.

Talking to The Daily Tribune, Dr. Jassim Haji, President of the International Group of Artificial Intelligence, said the use of AI in the first-of-its-kind satellite in the Middle East offers significant advantages over traditional methods. AI can automate the analysis process, thereby saving time and effort, he said.

"The AI algorithms are highly accurate and can consistently detect patterns and anomalies in the images. Moreover, AI algorithms can continuously learn to improve their accuracy over time, which enables the AI algorithm to adapt to different types of images and changing conditions," Dr. Jassim said.

Another advantage of using an AI-based system is that it does real-time analysis, meaning that decisions can be made quickly based on the results, the expert added. The AI system will also result in a significant cost advantage, and the expense for overall operations will be lessened by its use, he said.

Not only does the use of AI reduce the need for manual work, it would also lower the need for human resources, thus resulting in cost savings in hiring and training personnel, he added. Furthermore, he said, AI can analyse large volumes of images quickly, which improves operational efficiency and reduces time-related costs.

The scalability of AI systems allows for modification to handle increasing amounts of data without having to make significant investments in additional resources. This allows for optimising operations and allocating resources more efficiently, resulting in a reduction of unnecessary costs.

Al Munther, which has reached a 40 percent completion rate, will be a new milestone for the Kingdom in the space sector when it is ready.