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Shura Council approves state’s consolidated final account 2021

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The Shura Council discussed the Financial and Economic Affairs Committee report on the state’s consolidated final account for the fiscal year ending on December 31, 2021, and the report on the performance of the implementation of the state’s general budget for the fiscal year 2021.

This came as Chairman Ali bin Saleh Al Saleh chaired the 13th session of the Council in the first session of the sixth legislative term yesterday.

The Council also discussed the list of transfers from the account of other estimates for ministries and government agencies for the fiscal year 2021, prepared by the Finance and National Economy Ministry.

The committee’s rapporteur, Jawad Habib Al Khayat, confirmed that the consolidated final account came with illustrative details and statistics on revenues, expenditures, and economic indicators. The committee also affirmed in its report that there is a tangible development in the final account containing detailed data on what has been achieved in terms of the principles and objectives of the budget, and what has been accomplished in terms of programs, activities, and detailed projects in the various government sectors.

The committee’s rapporteur said that the final account includes the annual financial statements for each ministry or government agency separately, or the consolidated annual financial statements for the state, at the end of the past fiscal year.

He said that the data includes the balance sheet, the income and expenditure statement, the cash flow statement, as well as any data or other financial disclosures specified by the minister, or required under generally accepted accounting standards.

After listening to the observations and interventions of the members, the Council decided to approve the committee’s recommendation to approve the closing account and to submit the observations contained in the report to the government.


Draft law

The Council was notified of the message received from Speaker Ahmed bin Salman Al Musallam on the input of the House of Representatives regarding a draft law ratifying the agreement on the linking payment systems between the GCC countries, attached to Decree (20) of 2022.

The Council was informed that it will be referred to the Financial and Economic Affairs Committee and that the Legislative and Legal Affairs Committee will be notified. It was notified of the question addressed to the Oil and Environment Minister, submitted by member Ejlal Essa Bubshait, regarding the plans and measures taken by the ministry to protect the environment and reduce carbon emissions, and the minister’s response to it.

The Council was also notified of the question addressed to Transportation and Telecommunication Minister, submitted by member Ali Hussain Shehab Al Shehabi regarding buses authorized to transport foreign tourists, and the minister’s response to it.