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Oldest Bahraini blacksmith dies

TDT | Manama

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The oldest Bahraini blacksmith, Haji Khalil Ibrahim Al Haddad, passed away yesterday after dedicating more than six decades of his life to his profession.

He was 81.

Haji Khalil, the chief blacksmith of Al Haddad family in Manama, spent more than 60 years since his youth establishing his business in central Manama near Bab Al Bahrain, near the current vegetable market, at Al Haddadin market in Al Hoora, and in his factory in Jabla Habashi and Al Naim.

Haji Khalil was known for his love and passion for his profession as he continued his work until the last days of his life by guiding his peers working in blacksmithing.

He was looked at as their father and big brother by them, as he was known for his high morals and his remarkable dealings with customers and visitors.