Muhammad Mokaev’s BRAVE CF 37 fight confirmed against three-year rival Glenn McVeigh | THE DAILY TRIBUNE | KINGDOM OF BAHRAIN

Muhammad Mokaev’s BRAVE CF 37 fight confirmed against three-year rival Glenn McVeigh

The wait is over for Muhammad Mokaev.After six opponent-changes, the biggest prospect in mixed martial arts has an adversary for his profes- sional debut at BRAVE CF 37.

“The Punisher” takes on Glenn McVeigh, who will also be involved in his first pro bout, as the Northern Ireland rep- resentative ends his amateur career with an impressive 11-5 record. The bout was made after McVeigh took to social media to personally call out Mokaev and ask BRAVE CF president Moham- med Shahid for the chance to face his rival.

The posts by McVeigh and his unwavering confidence in caus- ing an upset against the number one pound-for-pound amateur fighter in the world motivated Shahid to quickly come to terms with both parties and make the fight official on Wednesday.

“This kid has got a true fighter mentality. You came and asked for this like a true BRAVE heart- ed fighter. This is what we look for and this kid deserves his shot at his dream. Making it official: Glenn McVeigh vs Muhammad Mokaev - the fight is on!”, post- ed Shahid in his own social me- dia profiles.

Earlier this Wednesday, McVeigh made it a point to claim he was going to beat Mo- kaev and shock the world and said he has been calling out “The Punisher” for three years but their paths never crossed.

“I hear the bum Muhammad Mokaev has been looking for a fight. I’ve been calling this guy out for three years, but we never met at IMMAF. Now, hope- fully, we can meet at pros. If Shahid and BRAVE CF give me the chance, I’ll smash this kid in three days. I can smash him in three months, three days, three hours. He can shove his three- month camp up his ****. I’m going to murder him. I’ll smash him”, called out McVeigh.


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