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Volunteers assist iGA in COVID-19 fight

TDT | Manama

The Information and eGovernment Authority (iGA) announced yesterday that 30 volunteers have signed up to support the team responsible for deploying advanced technologies to limit the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19), by assisting the “BeAware Bahrain” application project.

The iGA emphasised that the culture of volunteerism receives significant support from Bahrain’s public and private sectors, who have been able to instill such values from members of the public and help strengthen community bonds, especially during the current pandemic.

The iGA extended its utmost appreciation to all who have demonstrated their willingness to support the Kingdom’s efforts to combat COVID-19. The iGA stated that the volunteers were selected via national volunteering platform volunteer. gov.bh to provide logistical support needed by the authority.

The iGA held a series of preparatory meetings with the selected volunteers via video conference, to highlight the main tasks required, as well as provide guidelines regarding regulations and other terms. The volunteers were divided among three locations to provide logistical support for the “BeAware Bahrain” application.

The first team, based at Bahrain International Airport, supported arriving passengers on how to download and activate the app, explaining to them its features and how it should be used during their self-isolation periods. They also helped the registration team process passengers in accordance with precautionary procedures and measures.

The second team received individuals with appointments at Bahrain International Exhibition and Convention Centre. The team worked on familiarising users with the features of the app, downloading and registration, and ways to use its eServices, including how to view the information it provides and receive notifications.

The team played a vital role providing technical and logistical support to the administrative team on the processes of registering individuals for home self-isolation periods. The third group, the virtual team, provided technical support to users by answering inquiries related to the app, in coordination with the Ministry of Health’s 444 contact center. They also helped other teams ensure business continuity and managed the preparation and reactivation of home self-isolation e-bracelets.

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