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AUBH helping students maximise distance-learning experience

TDT | Manama

American University of Bahrain (AUBH) has adopted a series of measures to enable students to maximise their distance-learning experience, as the world continues to combat the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

“The world is adjusting to a new normal of distance and online learning, and we know that this is not easy for those who chose to study on campus,” said AUBH founding president Dr. Susan E. Saxton.

“Students miss their friends, the vibe and buzz of their campus, visiting with faculty and mentors, and the routine of the weekdays. “I’m so pleased that we have demonstrated the ability and desire to adapt and rally in these unusual times.

“We are proud to be in Bahrain – a country that has been able to rise to the challenge of sustaining quality education in the face of adversity.” One of the measures taken by AUBH that have allowed it to accomplish its academic goals is the engagement of technologically advanced tools, even before the pandemic impacted the learning modality.

“We kept our students united and conducted virtual assemblies using Microsoft O365, a powerful course delivery tool which can host up to 5,000 participants,” explained Dr. Saxton.

AUBH also arranged to deliver secure exams using ProctorU technology – the first university in Bahrain to use this US-based, artificial intelligence-enabled online assessment platform which protects the integrity and credibility of high-stakes exams.

AUBH faculty have also been providing one-on-one mentoring, supporting students in every sense, and ingraining a spirit of peer mentorship so that the students also support each other.

Furthermore, AUBH has been sending students a “Tip of the Day” to help them stay active and for more effective studying at home. These include creating a personal space for studying where they can avoid distractions; gearing their mind to accomplishing work; taking advantage of the time they have to do online research for assignments; and creating a schedule that works for them and one that best manages their time. “We prioritised staying in touch with our students and guiding them through this transition period,” said Dr. Saxton.

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