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29 Years of Unique Togethernes: A message to society…

Clinton P Xavier, my friend, more than my brother is relocating to India after 29 years in the Island of the Pearl- Bahrain. Memories flood my senses as I recollect our association over the years. Like me, he too hails from the state of Kerala in South India.  Our first meeting was 29 years back and since then our friendship has grown to forge a close-knit relationship between our families. After marriage, we stayed together, not for the sake of sharing,

but because of our strong bonding.  We continued to say together for 16 long years following which we moved into different flats, in the same building so that we could continue to be together.  The significance of our unique togetherness is that we come from different family backgrounds, different beliefs. While Clinton hails from an ancient Roman Catholic family, I come from an ancient Hindu family. We never talked about religion. 

We do have a difference of opinions on issues, but we always agreed to disagree. We celebrated both Hindu (Vishu, Diwali, etc.) and Christian festivals (Easter, Christmas etc.) together.  Our children were brought up together. Clinton’s two daughters Clivia and Cinora) are our daughters and our son (Vaishnav) is their son. They are true sisters and brother. Our wives (Vinny and Usah) always co-existed like sisters. 

No obstacles affected our 29 year-long togetherness.  Clinton has been a strong pillar for us during our crisis moments which are an inevitable part of the roller coaster of life. The vacuum his departure from the Kingdom of Bahrain leaves cannot be filled. Our relationship is a classic example of true friendship. Such relationships are unique and above any caste, creed or religion. Our 29 years of togetherness without any frictions is my message to the society especially in the present scenario and this is what prompted me to share this.

Wherever the Clinton family goes, the distance may separate us physically but our prayers and wishes will keep our hearts and minds together. We wish them the very best in life.

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