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Bahrain halts flights to Sudan

Ministry of Transportation and Telecommunications Civil Aviation Affairs Under-Secretary, Mr Mohammed Thamer Al Kaabi announced that flights operating from Bahrain to Sudan have been ceased due to the current tensions in the Northeast African country.

Certain airlines have commenced procedures to refund ticket costs of passengers with reservations due to cancellation of flights.

Passengers confirm that certain airlines have been working with them to ensure the refund is processed.

Since the unrest began in the first week of June. 61 people died nationwide in the crackdown, 49 of them by live ammunition in Khartoum, the capital of Sudan.

The Sudanese capital and a large number of cities are witnessing tension that led to the paralyzing of the country's movement due to the disbanding of the General Command in Khartoum.

The Central Committee for Sudanese Doctors blamed forces of the ruling military council and paramilitary “militias” for the four deaths on Sunday, which it said took the overall toll to 118 since the June 3 crackdown to disperse the sit-in.