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Stranded expat ‘leading roofless life’

A stranded expat in the Kingdom is devoid of basic necessities of life including a roof to sleep under. Indian national Sulaiman Kunju, has been living on the terrace of a building in Manama for the last four months, battling the last winter.

Speaking to Tribune, Sulaiman said that he came to the Kingdom 10 years ago after paying BD1,000 for the visa. “Initially, I was employed for a salary of BD140 a month in the construction sector.

It took me nearly two years to settle my debts incurred to obtain the visa back home. “After two years, I had no money to renew my visa and since then I have been an illegal resident in the Kingdom.”

As of now, a CPR card is the only form of legal identification he possesses, having lost whereabouts of his passport upon the death of his sponsor. 

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