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Saudi Interior Ministry warned recruiters

RiyadhSaudi Interior Ministry warned yesterday of human trafficking charges against Saudi recruitment agents in Tanzania and Burundi, Saudi Press Agency reported.

The Public Relations Director of the Interior Ministry, Major-General Mohammed Al Marool, urged agents to wait until legal steps between Saudi Arabia and Tanzania and Burundi are finalized and the opening of an official office in these two countries for hiring their citizens.

The warning came after the ministry received information from the Saudi Foreign Ministry that the two countries are investigating human trafficking and illegal recruitment of local manpower charges against some Saudis.

He said that besides those charges, the agents might face other labour violations charges as they entered the countries with tourist visas.

The recruitment agencies in Saudi Arabia has been badly hit by the decisions of some countries to ban their female domestic workers from working in Saudi Arabia, including Indonesia. The government has been negotiating with various countries to reach agreements to find alternatives for domestic workers for Saudis who are highly dependent on domestic workforce.