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Bahrain MPs Propose Centre to Foster Innovation and Support Inventors

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Five members of the House of Representatives have submitted a draft law proposing the establishment of a specialised centre dedicated to supporting Bahraini inventors. The proposal, presented by members of the Strategic Thinking Bloc, aims to provide financial assistance, secure funding for projects, and offer comprehensive support to inventors.

The draft law, introduced by MPs Ahmed Al Saloum, Khalid Buanq, Mariam Al Dahen, Basma Mubarak, and Ali Al Dossary, emphasises the importance of fostering innovation and recognising the potential of Bahraini inventors. It highlights the need for a dedicated platform to nurture creativity and provide the necessary resources for inventors to thrive.

The proposed centre would play a crucial role in coordinating with public and private sector institutions to provide technical support, including expert consultations and access to laboratories for project development. It would also offer administrative support by connecting inventors with potential investors and promoting their inventions both domestically and internationally.

The proposal emphasises the importance of supporting research and investment in university and college projects, as well as providing training programmes to enhance the skills of inventors. It also aims to provide legal support to inventors in securing patents and protecting their intellectual property rights.

This initiative aligns with Bahrain's broader vision to promote a knowledge-based economy and encourage innovation. The country has been actively investing in research and development, particularly in areas like renewable energy, biotechnology, and information technology.

The establishment of a dedicated centre for inventors could further strengthen Bahrain's innovation ecosystem, attracting talent and fostering a culture of creativity. By providing comprehensive support, the centre would empower inventors to bring their ideas to life, contributing to the country's economic growth and technological advancement.