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Embracing diversity in fitness, new program launched for all ages with disabilities

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Report by Zahra Ayaz

Train Fitness gym in Hala Plaza has launched a new program called “Rise,” aimed at creating an inclusive and empowering fitness environment for adults with disabilities, including those with autism and ADHD, as well as older individuals, females, and children.

The program, developed in partnership with Dr. Noor Ahmed, an Autism exercise specialist and advanced certified autism specialist, is a testament to the gym’s commitment to embracing diversity and fostering inclusivity.

Speaking to The Daily Tribune, Dr. Noor said, “Neurodiversity is an essential form of human diversity. Just as there is no single type of skin color, height, build, or eye color, there is no one type of brain.

It is about time we embraced neurodiversity in the world of exercise and fitness.” “Fitness for all ages is important and essential.

Like many things in life, it is a habit. Learning a habit at a young age only strengthens the chances of it becoming a long-standing, integral part of any individual’s daily activities and lifestyle.”


Dr. Noor further stated, “Fitness for all children is integral. It not only promotes physical wellness, cardiovascular strength, and stamina but also greatly enhances a child’s self-esteem, confidence, and body image. “Children also engage in communication, social interactions, and turn-taking during physical fitness activities, especially in group sports.

This strengthens their use of language, both receptive and expressive, and their social skills, as well as their ability to deal with emotions if they lose or cannot achieve a specific goal during exercise.”

“These exact skills are also essential for neurodivergent children in society, to allow them equal opportunities to exercise and develop physically in a safe space that allows them to flourish and reach their maximum potential within a community that embraces their differences,” she added.


She lastly explained, “The program breaks down exercises into smaller, more manageable steps using visual aids, video modeling, and prompting.

This allows participants to master simpler skills and build up to the main skill. “The program also customizes the environment to the individual’s preferences, adjusting factors like lighting, temperature, and music.

Initially, this may be in a private space rather than the general gym. “Once the individual becomes more comfortable and accommodated, the program then works on generalizing the skill and transferring the person to the full gym space.”