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Shura Law Proposal Aims to Limit Domestic Worker Recruitment Costs Based on Nationality

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Members of the Shura Council have proposed a law requiring the Labour Market Regulatory Authority (LMRA) to set binding maximum limits on the cost of recruiting domestic workers.

These limits would be determined separately for each nationality, based on specific principles and controls developed in consultation with experts.

This measure aims to prevent recruitment agencies from exceeding these limits, ensuring fairness for employers, domestic workers, and the agencies themselves.

The proposal responds to the significant rise in domestic worker recruitment costs. The current law lacks provisions for setting maximum costs, placing a burden on employers.

Recruitment agencies often charge over two thousand dinars, and employers bear the financial loss if the worker leaves after the three-month trial period.

While the current law outlines employer obligations towards domestic workers and employment agencies, it does not restrict agencies from imposing high recruitment costs.

Additionally, LMRA resolutions, such as Resolution No. (4) of 2014, do not address this issue.

They only allow the authority to use the financial guarantee of the employment office to compensate employers within the three-month trial period and to cover any outstanding dues.

The proposed law aims to establish specific controls on recruitment costs, protecting employers from excessive financial burdens.

By setting nationality-based limits, the law ensures fair pricing and prevents exploitation. This will create a more balanced and transparent environment for both employers and domestic workers.

The proposal was submitted by Shura Council members Abdullah bin Hassan Al Nuaimi, Ali Al-Aradi, Hisham AlQassab, Dalal Al-Zayed, and Sabika Al-Fadhala. It is expected to be reviewed and discussed by the Shura Council in the coming weeks.