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Bahraini Sales Representative Wins 2,808 Dinars in Unfair Dismissal Case

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A Bahraini sales representative is celebrating a victory after the Court of Cassation ruled in his favour, awarding him 2,808 dinars in compensation for unfair dismissal.

The company attempted to justify the termination by labelling the employee a slacker, but the court rejected these claims.

The court determined that the company had not followed proper procedures, compelling the judge to rule for the employee.

The employee, who was on a fixed-term contract earning 300 dinars per month, was dismissed after just four months and nine days.

The company neither provided a valid reason for the dismissal nor gave the employee proper notice.

Lawyer Fatima Khalaf, representing the employee, argued that the company breached the Labour Code by failing to provide a 60-day notice period after informing him of his alleged low performance.

The court concurred, citing Article 109 of the Labour Code, which states that employees must be given a reasonable period to improve their performance before being dismissed.

The court also noted that the company's claim regarding the employee's failure to meet sales goals was irrelevant, as this reason was not included in the official termination letter.

Additionally, the court found no evidence to support the company's assertion that the employee was verbally notified about his performance issues.

Based on these findings, the court awarded the employee 2,400 dinars as compensation for wrongful dismissal, 300 dinars as notice allowance, and 107.5 dinars as additional compensation.

This case illustrates the importance of employers following proper procedures when dismissing employees, including providing clear reasons for dismissal and adhering to the notice periods outlined in the Labour Code.