Schippers back on top of the world after hard times
, Posted on 12-Aug-2017

Schippers back on top of the world after hard times

London : Dafne Schippers joined illustrious company when she retained her world 200 metres title and the frown of last year was replaced by the return of the broad grin of 2015.

There may have been no Elaine Thompson, her bete noire of last year who won both the Olympic 100m and 200m with Schippers taking silver in the latter, or America's 100m world champion Tori Bowie but it mattered not a jot to the statuesque 25-year-old Dutchwoman.

For Schippers' thrilling victory over the diminutive Ivorian Marie-Josee Ta Lou -- taking silver as she did in the 100m -- placed her name among the goddesses of the event Jamaican Merlene Ottey and Allyson Felix of the United States in winning the 200m world title more than once.

For Schippers it was a case of showing she was not a flash in the pan and that her decision to change her coach -- from her old heptathlon to a sprint expert -- had been justified. 

"It was very important to win. I worked so hard in the last years and last year was not the easiest for me," said Schippers, whose family were in the stadium watching.

"I changed everything and got a new coach, so I'm very happy.

"I fought for that."

That fighting spirit ethos which is prevalent amongst the sprinters is one of the factors that persuaded Schippers to ditch the heptathlon.

"Yes, sprinters are more like gladiators but I don’t really miss the heptathlon. I like to beat the tough girls," she told The Guardian last year.

Schippers may prefer the gladiatorial combat of the sprints once they rise from the blocks but despite her imposing physique she does not enjoy the trash talk and intimidatory pre-race eyeing up of opponents.

"People do do that," she told The Guardian.

"But I chose not to do it myself. It's just not my style. I find it amusing when other sprinters do and I just smile at them.

"The girls in the heptathlon are definitely more easy-going and much friendlier," said Schippers.