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Panel discussion explores sustainable partnerships for a brighter future

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Developing pivotal strategies for fostering collaboration and growth across the two regions was the focus of a dynamic session held yesterday titled “Building Sustainable Partnerships, Creating a Brighter Future for Arab and African Entrepreneurs”.

Moderated by Olive Zaitun Kigongo, President of the Uganda Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the panel featured esteemed speakers including Ibukun Awosika, Chairperson of the International Women’s Entrepreneurial Challenge Foundation from Nigeria, Dawood Al Shezawi, President of the Annual Investment Meeting Congress from the UAE, Jani Ibrahim, Vice President of the Nigeria Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Mines, and Agriculture, and Afif Barhoumi, Investment Promotion Expert from UNIDO ITPO Bahrain.

Addressing the pressing issue of Africa’s stagnating share of world trade, the panel delved into the underlying challenges and potential solutions.

They explored the need for diversified trade relationships beyond minerals and metals, emphasising sectors such as food security as promising avenues for collaboration between Arab and African countries.

Highlighting the importance of improving market access and targeted investments, the panel underscored the role of policymakers in boosting Arab-African trade.

They stressed the significance of initiatives like the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) in stimulating cross-continental commerce and urged Arab countries to capitalise on this opportunity.

Examining successful trade relationships between Uganda and the UAE, as well as Nigeria and the UAE, the panel further identified key export products and outlined strategies for replicating and expanding these partnerships to other Arab countries.

They highlighted the importance of leveraging success stories to facilitate trade diversification and deepen economic ties across regions.

In conclusion, the panel voiced the critical role of information dissemination and logistical improvements in overcoming barriers to trade between Arab and African countries.

They called for concerted efforts from governments, businesses, and international organisations to unlock the full potential of collaboration and drive sustainable development across both regions.