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World Entrepreneurs Investment Forum 2024 opens in Bahrain

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The World Entrepreneurs Investment Forum 2024 kicked off in Bahrain yesterday with a resounding welcome from Bahrain Chamber of Commerce and Industry Chairman Sameer Nass before a momentous gathering at the Gulf Hotel.

The three-day forum, themed "Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals through Fostering Innovation and Economic Growth," drew an esteemed audience comprising government officials, experts, entrepreneurs, and investors from across the Arab World and Africa. It will navigate complex global challenges—poverty, inequality, climate change, and peace—within the framework of sustainable development.

In his opening address, Nass extended gratitude to His Royal Highness the Crown Prince and Prime Minister, Prince Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa, emphasizing Bahrain's steadfast commitment to empowering its people and nurturing a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship.

He highlighted Bahrain's multifaceted approach to fostering entrepreneurship, with initiatives spanning governmental, non-profit, and educational sectors, creating an ecosystem conducive to entrepreneurial success.


The forum's significance was underscored as Chairman emphasised its role in addressing pressing global issues, seeking innovative solutions, and facilitating knowledge-sharing and capacity-building initiatives.

Recognising the historical contributions of Arab entrepreneurs to innovation and economic development, he further stressed the importance of providing a platform for them to showcase groundbreaking ideas, forge vital connections with investors, and actively contribute to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

Expressing pride in hosting the event in Bahrain, Chairman Nass lauded the nation's track record of successfully hosting diverse major events.

He extended appreciation to the General Secretariat at the UNIDO Investment and Technology Promotion Office in Bahrain, and all partners involved, for their instrumental role in making the forum possible.

As the forum unfolded, anticipation ran high for fruitful discussions, collaborations, and initiatives that would propel entrepreneurship and sustainable development to new heights.

Prime opportunity: Najibi

First Vice Chairman of the Bahrain Chamber, Khalid Najibi, underlined the significance of this prestigious event.

Najibi emphasised the forum's role as a prime opportunity for networking with seasoned investors, knowledge exchange, and skill acquisition.

Speaking on the forum's theme, "Achieving the SDGs through Fostering Innovation and Economic Growth," Najibi reaffirmed Bahrain's dedication to cultivating an entrepreneurial culture.

He stressed the importance of partnerships, knowledge sharing, and fostering an environment conducive to creativity and innovation in line with Bahrain's developmental goals.

He further highlighted the Bahrain Chamber's pivotal role in implementing programs and events that drive development, innovation, and economic growth. He reiterated the Chamber's commitment to aligning with governmental initiatives to foster a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem in Bahrain and beyond.