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Ithmaar Bank to add two new, full-service, digitally focused branches

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The Daily Tribune –

Ithmaar Bank, a Bahrain-based Islamic retail bank that owns and operates the largest Islamic retail banking network in the Kingdom, announced yesterday that it has commissioned two new branches.

The new branches, one in Seef Mall and the other in Arad, feature sophisticated, cutting-edge technology, including next-generation Automated Teller Machines and other exciting new branch automation and customer service solutions. “Ithmaar Bank is committed to becoming the retail bank of choice in Bahrain,” said Ithmaar Bank Chief Executive Officer, Ahmed Abdul Rahim. “To do so, we listen closely to our customers’ demands and general feedback, then we work hard to ensure we deliver the best possible banking experience,” he said. “We continue to invest tremendous time, money and effort on developing our digital infrastructure and, as a result, almost all transactions can be completed entirely online,” he said. The new Arad branch is located near the Muharraq Club petrol station and will start serving customers in early August 2021.

The Seef Mall branch, near Gate 10 of the mall, will start serving customers in early September 2021. The branch will have digital banking facilities available for customers throughout the week. Ultimately, the two new branches will replace existing facilities with significantly better, more customer-focused offerings. The new branches use cutting-edge self-service technology to automate various services, including, for example, Instant Debit Card and eCard issuance, Account Statement and Certificate printing, as well as biometric enrolment.

The next phase will include digitalising customer transactions to ensure a whole new digital experience for customers at Ithmaar Bank branches. Ithmaar Bank’s retail banking network currently includes 14 branches and 39 ATM machines in strategic locations across the Kingdom.