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Bahrain Bourse announces Investor Satisfaction Survey results

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The Daily Tribune –

In line with Bahrain Bourse’s efforts to enhance investor communication outreach, and enhance transparency and efficiency in Bahrain’s capital market, Bahrain Bourse announced the results of its Investor Satisfaction Survey.

The survey was conducted through its website, trading floor and Bahrain Bourse’s social media platforms throughout November and December last year.

Its aim was to seek investors’ feedback and evaluation on the products and services offered by Bahrain Bourse and Bahrain Clear in order to enhance the level of investor- related services.

Investors indicated an overall satisfaction with BHB’s products and services level that scored ‘Good’ based on respondents' evaluation.

Communication with the BHB team, quality of workshops & seminars, and social media platforms also attained a scoring of ‘Good’ based on respondents’ evaluation. Further, respondents evaluated Bahrain Bourse’s website, and trading floor and investor services as ‘Very Good’.

Respondents’ satisfaction level on BHB products and services attained a scoring of ‘Excellent’.

Among the survey participants, a target of more than 3,000 investors, 71% of retail investors have been trading in Bahrain Bourse for five years or less. About 56% of the respondents were within the 30-50 years age group.

“This survey aims to seek investors' views on the quality and efficiency of products and services offered by Bahrain Bourse in implementing enhancement mechanisms," Bahrain Bourse Chief Executive Officer Shaikh Khalifa bin Ebrahim Al Khalifa said.

"Investor satisfaction surveys form an integral aspect of our strategy and assist us to set strategic priorities and plans. The survey results will support our efforts in developing the market efficiency and enhance the transparency level in the capital market. Bahrain Bourse constantly aims to ensure an active communication outreach with various stakeholder groups."

The survey results also revealed that respondents rated their experience with Bahrain Trade as ‘Good’.

The majority of respondents demonstrated their satisfaction with the dividends distribution process in terms of accuracy and efficiency, with 96% indicating IBAN transfers as their preferred method for receiving cash dividends.

Respondents indicated their preferred method of conducting trading transactions to be ‘via phone’ followed by ‘brokers’ online trading apps’. Dividend processing experience was rated as ‘Excellent’ by investors in terms of efficiency and accuracy. 

The Investor Satisfaction Survey serves as a key stakeholder communication channel adopted by Bahrain Bourse alongside other platforms, allowing BHB to meet the growing needs and expectations of its investors in a better and more accurate manner.

The comprehensive survey results are available on Bahrain Bourse’s website