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Chinese premier calls for international AI cooperation

AFP | Shanghai, China

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Chinese Premier Li Qiang yesterday called for global cooperation and a more open mindset in artificial intelligence, as a rivalry between Beijing and Washington heats up in the nascent tech field.

China has raced to catch up with US tech companies in generative AI in particular, with the UN saying on Wednesday that Beijing was the top filer of generative AI patents globally.

The US and other countries have reacted with alarm to Chinese technology that they claim can be used for espionage operations, with Washington revoking licenses for some chip exports in April after China’s Huawei unveiled a computer powered by Intel AI technology. Chinese Premier Li on Thursday urged countries to adopt “more open mindsets” and promote international cooperation on AI.

“Each country has its own advantages in its AI technology, data and market, so we should engage in mutual cooperation and join forces,” Li said in a speech at the opening of the World AI Conference (WAIC) in Shanghai.