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Wife granted divorce after husband’s attempted murder and years of abuse

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A Bahraini woman has been granted a divorce by the High Islamic Court after enduring years of physical and verbal abuse from her husband.

The woman filed for divorce after her husband allegedly attempted to kill her by ramming her car, beat her with electrical wires and a cigarette, threatened her with a hammer, and hurled insults at her honor.

The court heard testimony from the woman’s father, mother, and two sisters, who corroborated her claims of abuse.

The woman’s father testified that he had witnessed the husband beating her with an electrical wire while she was pregnant with their first child.

He also said that the husband had burned her with a cigarette and threatened her with a hammer.

The woman’s mother testified that the husband came once with his brother to their house, and the latter assaulted the victim and dragged her out of their home by her hair and beat her, while the defendant chased her down the street trying to hit her.

She also said that the husband had kicked her out of their home after insulting and spitting on her.


The husband denied the allegations, but the court found the woman’s testimony and the witness statements to be credible.

The court also noted that the husband had been convicted of assault against the victim.

In its ruling, the court granted the woman a divorce and ordered the husband to pay her financial compensation.

The court also awarded the victim custody of the couple’s two children.