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Artist Mai Alkaabi showcases strong women of Palestine through painting

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Report by Zahra Ayaz

Local artist Mai Alkaabi is using her paintings to showcase the strength and resilience of women in Palestine, while also expressing her support for the Palestinian cause.

In an interview with The Daily Tribune, Mai explained her motivation behind her artwork, stating, “As an artist, I find it to be my duty to speak about humanitarian issues using my brush.

Historically, art has always been a medium that was utilized to address such matters.”

Mai emphasised the plight of women and children, who have been the most affected by the ongoing conflicts in Palestine.

“Women and children have always been the majority affected in Palestine, with over 20,000 of them being impacted since October 7th,” she said.

“As a woman myself, it felt natural to have the protagonist in my paintings be a woman too.” Art has been a passion of Mai’s since childhood, and as she grew older, she realized that being an artist was about more than just creating aesthetically pleasing images.



“Art is about the history it captures, the statements it makes, and the emotions it conveys,” she explained. “It became my mission to use my art to send a message and help people connect and feel heard.

I can gladly say that my art has been influential in speaking about important topics, especially the Palestinian cause, and sharing it through various media channels.” When asked about the prevalence of women in her paintings, Mai responded, “I paint what I know best.

As a woman myself, I am able to express diverse ideas through the women I paint.

Women are usually seen as beautiful subjects and are often used as symbols of beauty in art, but we are more than just our looks.

“Women are the foundation of society and the lifeblood of humanity. I am proud to be a woman in a generation that recognizes the diverse roles of women, which makes me confident in the impact of my paintings in this day and age,” she added.



Mai’s paintings have been exhibited and are available for purchase.

She is currently participating in the Entrepreneurial Training Program Technical Qualification for Young Entrepreneurs held by the Bahrain International Federation of Business & Professional Women at Al Andalus Center.

Her paintings for sale are displayed at Alandalus garden and AlFrieh Dar AlFonoon, where art enthusiasts can appreciate and support her work.

Mai Alkaabi’s paintings not only celebrate the strength and resilience of Palestinian women but also serve as a reflection of the artist’s dedication to raising awareness about the Palestinian cause and promoting dialogue through her art.