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From kitchen to summit

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Renowned Bahraini chef, Roya Saleh, has showcased the rich tapestry of Bahraini cuisine on the world stage as she took charge of crafting delectable dishes for the esteemed guests of the Kingdom of Bahrain at the 33rd Arab Summit.

Through captivating images shared on her Instagram account, Chef Saleh unveiled her pivotal role in curating the culinary offerings for the Summit, currently underway in the capital city of Manama. Reflecting on her profound experience, Chef Saleh expressed her delight and honor in representing her beloved country’s cuisine.

Chef Saleh said in a post on her Instagram account: “What a day, I was happy and honored to be present and represent the cuisine of my dear country in preparing and presenting the special menu for the Arab Summit in its 33rd session, which is currently being held in the capital of the Kingdom of Manama.”

She emphasized her personal involvement in supervising the preparation of an exclusive menu featuring 100% Bahraini dishes, tailored specifically for the distinguished guests, including Foreign and Finance Ministers from Arab nations.

Praise In a conversation with AlAyyam, Chef Saleh shared, “All ministers praised Bahraini cuisine and its quality, appreciating the distinctive flavors and textures presented.”

The meticulously curated menu showcased iconic Bahraini delights such as harees, madrouba, thareed, tikka, al-musali, khabisa, luqaimat, shrimp kebabs, jareesh kibbeh, and Bahraini majboos.

Chef Saleh expressed her overarching goal of introducing the Arab world to the unparalleled taste of Bahraini cuisine, which resonated profoundly with the esteemed guests.

“Our goal in all of this is to introduce the Arab world to the distinctive Bahraini cuisine and its good taste, and it was a successful experience, as all the Arab ministers expressed their admiration for the authentic Bahraini taste,” she said.