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Lawmakers consider financial clearance for foreign workers departing Bahrain

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Foreign workers and employers will be required to obtain a certificate of financial clearance before departing Bahrain, if lawmakers agree.

MPs assert that the proposal slated for voting this Tuesday is driven by the imperative to protect the rights of the state and its citizens.

The move would rectify the absence of a clear regulatory framework and maintain equilibrium in labour relations, as outlined in its explanatory memorandum.

Presently, there’s no mandate for settling financial obligations by foreign workers or employers before departing Bahrain.

This loophole has resulted in lost rights, a surge in civil and commercial lawsuits with unenforceable judgements, and challenges in recovering outstanding sums, as the memorandum highlights.

The proposal seeks to redress these issues by mandating a certificate of financial clearance from the Labour Market Regulatory Authority (LMRA) before departure.

However, the LMRA has voiced reservations about the proposal, cautioning that it would burden the authority with verifying financial clearance for all foreign workers and employers.

Moreover, it could restrict foreign workers and employers in Bahrain from travelling without a court order, potentially encroaching upon existing laws.

Despite the LMRA’s reservations, the Services Committee reviewing the proposal has recommended its approval.