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Bahrain Health Ministry’s monthly HQ rent exceeds BD28,000

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The Bahrain Health Ministry is currently paying a whopping BD28,848 every month for its headquarters.

Interestingly, this also happens to be the only building the ministry has leased, starting in 2023.

But hold on, there’s more.

The ministry is actively exploring other options, including the possibility of relocating its headquarters to some of its own buildings.

Meaning that the very place responsible for safeguarding public health might soon call a different building it's home.

According to the latest revelations, the ministry is in talks with the Works Ministry to potentially transform some of its existing properties into suitable headquarters for its dedicated staff.

“This will be done in cooperation with the Ministry of Works, according to the available resources and capabilities,” the Ministry pointed out.

This move would not only optimise resources but also enhance operational capabilities.

Interestingly, the building currently housing the ministry, nestled within the Al Khair Towers in the Sanabis area, is owned by none other than the Royal Humanitarian Foundation.

These details came to light in response to a parliamentary inquiry by Member Mohammed Mousa Mohammed.

Furthermore, the ministry disclosed that it possesses several buildings catering to various departments and divisions, including Public Health, Health Promotion, Environmental Health, Medical Committees, and Overseas Treatment.