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Hungarian entrepreneur eyes Bahrain’s untapped coffee potential

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Report by Zahra Ayaz

Bahrain has enormous potential to become a major hub for the global coffee business, according to a Hungarian entrepreneur. Based on extensive research, the entrepreneur emphasised that the Kingdom’s younger generation exhibits a strong affinity for coffee, making it an attractive market for coffee enthusiasts and entrepreneurs alike.

Szabo’ Balazs, the manager of Mocca Negra, a renowned coffee company based in Hungary, shared his insights on the coffee preferences of Bahrain’s youth.

He identified two distinct types of teenage coffee lovers: those who are keen to explore different styles and regional variations of coffee, and those who simply rely on a strong cup to jumpstart their day.

Balazs further noted that targeting the younger generation is advantageous not only due to their coffee consumption habits but also because of their role in promoting coffee culture on social media platforms.

When a young person buys a coffee and shares a picture on platforms like Instagram, it piques the interest of their friends, leading to increased demand.

Regarding the prospects of starting a coffee shop in Bahrain, Balazs expressed optimism, citing the Kingdom’s small island size as a factor that would facilitate market research and establishment.

“Our choice of using Arabica beans sets us apart, and I believe every coffee company should consider offering instant specialties, such as flavoured chocolate milkshakes, ice frappes, and hot chocolates, to cater to evolving consumer preferences,” Balazs explained.

“We also adapt our packaging to align with various festivals like Christmas or Halloween, thereby capturing the attention of younger consumers.”

When questioned about the decision to expand their business to Bahrain, Balazs cited the challenges faced in neighbouring European countries such as Ukraine and Armenia, which make the local market less conducive to expansion.

Bahrain, on the other hand, presents a promising market, particularly due to the growing affinity of the younger generation for coffee as well as its proximity to the Turkish market.


“Our objective is to penetrate the coffee market in the Kingdom by introducing our range of products, with a focus on our premium brand, ‘Mantaro.’

Although I have observed the presence of numerous coffee shops and stalls in Bahrain, I believe there is ample room for consumers to explore different types of coffee,” Balazs stated.

To captivate the interest of the younger generation, Mocca Negra endeavours to create packaging that highlights the origins of the coffee beans and ingredients, predominantly sourced from South America, including Colombia, Brazil, and Peru.

With aspirations to establish a strong foothold in Bahrain, Balazs envisions the eventual construction of a new factory in the Kingdom once specific targets are met.

Mocca Negra, founded by Balazs’ father in 1991, holds the distinction of being the largest independent roaster in Central Europe and the second-largest roaster in the entire European continent.

Presently, the company produces nearly 5,000 metric tonnes of ready-made coffee products. Balazs lastly revealed the successful launch of their premium brand, ‘Mantaro,’ three years ago.

Despite initial concerns surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic and the presence of competitively priced products such as ‘Bravos,’ which constitutes their core brand, the premium line has gained popularity, primarily among the younger generation.