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Gobal visitors rave about Bahrain’s top-notch facilities, hospitality and weather

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Reported by Zahra Ayaz

In what promises to be an exhilarating weekend, Bahrain has become the ultimate destination for international Formula 1 fans seeking an adrenaline-fueled racing experience.

Enthusiastic fans from various countries have flocked to the Kingdom, praising its top-notch facilities, warm hospitality, and delightful weather.


Alycya, a devoted Spaniard who has been visiting Bahrain for the past six years, expressed her excitement about the event, stating, “I come here every year because Bahrain is an absolute blast. The race is the main attraction, but the friendly people, welcoming atmosphere, and beautiful beaches make it feel like home. It’s like a mini vacation for me.”


Even first-time visitor Alex from the United States has been captivated by Bahrain’s charm. Exploring the activities and attractions on his first day, he remarked, “There’s so much to enjoy here — rides, a ferris wheel, and numerous food stalls. My kid and I even bought our favorite team, Mercedes, t-shirts. The only thing missing is a dedicated activity area for kids.”



Daniel, hailing from Europe, expressed his appreciation for Bahrain’s top-notch facilities and pleasant weather. “This is my second time in Bahrain, and I really appreciate the well-placed seating areas for relaxation when you need a break. The availability of restrooms is also a great convenience,” he shared.

“Coming from a colder climate, being in Bahrain feels like getting some much-needed sun and a tan.” Lucus and Ana, who have previously attended the F1 event in Abu Dhabi, decided to explore Bahrain this time. On their first day, they expressed their excitement, saying, “We’re enjoying everything so far and can’t wait to see our favorite team, Red Bull, and Max Verstappen, secure a victory. It’s the 20th anniversary of the event, and we’re eager to experience what Bahrain has in store.”



Meanwhile, Tamar Leek, known as Bahrain’s Barbie, a proud British resident of Bahrain, expressed her delight in the country hosting such a prestigious sporting event. Tamar revealed her excitement about performing a music performance for the event, showcasing her talent and adding to the festivities.



Nawal, a resident of Bahrain, exclaimed, “We feel honored to see how our country is welcoming people from all over the world, and I’m really excited to see the race.” She added, “I am working here at the Bahrain heritage stall, and I have already witnessed a lot of international fans visiting the stalls and writing their names in Arabic.”

As international fans settle in and eagerly await the races, Bahrain continues to captivate visitors with its remarkable facilities, warm hospitality, and the thrilling atmosphere of the Formula 1 event.