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Bahraini marathon marvel Ahmed Fouad Almutawa runs 67.7 kms in just six hours!

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Reported by Zahra Ayaz

Bahraini athlete Ahmed Fouad Almutawa recently completed a remarkable feat by running an astonishing 67.7 kilometres in just six hours. Almutawa’s inspiring journey not only highlights his exceptional abilities but also sheds light on the incredible talent possessed by Bahraini athletes.

Speaking exclusively to The Daily Tribune, Almutawa revealed that his motivation for embarking on this challenge stemmed from witnessing a group of Bahraini runners undertaking a long-distance run from Bahrain to Riyadh. Inspired by their endeavour, he felt the time was right to embark on his own personal test of strength and perseverance.

When asked about his physical preparation, Almutawa remarked, “The physical aspect was comparatively easier to tackle. I diligently ran for an hour every day, covering approximately 13–14 km, and embarked on 30 km long runs every Saturday.”

However, he emphasised that it was his mental fortitude, developed over the years as a seasoned runner, that truly prepared him for this monumental feat. Almutawa said, “Drawing upon my past triumphs and perseverance, I felt unyielding in my determination to conquer any obstacles that lay in my path.”

Daunting moment

During his arduous journey, Almutawa faced a particularly daunting moment when he had to traverse the Shaikh Khalifa bin Salman Bridge connecting Muharraq and Manama. Recollecting this nerve-wracking experience, he admitted, “It was the only instance where I felt genuinely threatened.”

To navigate this perilous section, he adopted a cautious approach, staying as close to the edge as possible. Once he safely crossed this treacherous stretch, the remainder of the run presented relatively smoother terrain, albeit with the challenge of increasing thirst as the kilometres accumulated.

Route’s aesthetics

In terms of the route’s aesthetics, Almutawa conceded that it was not the most picturesque. He mentioned, “The majority of the course took me through the industrial Sitra area, while bridges 1 to 5 leading to Durra were characterised by desolate desert landscapes.”

However, he highlighted other captivating running areas in Bahrain, such as Awali, Hamala, and Zallaq, which offer more visually appealing surroundings for runners.