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Royal Life Saving Bahrain launches campaign following teacher’s heroic act

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Reported by Zainab Zaman  

In the wake of a remarkable act of heroism by Robyn Travis, a nursery teacher at the British Preparatory School (BPS) in Bahrain, Royal Life Saving Bahrain (RLSB) has embarked on a new initiative to promote first aid training and lifesaving skills across communities.

The campaign, titled ‘Save a Little Life’, aims to underscore the critical importance of being equipped to handle minor and major emergencies, especially those involving children. RLSB, which initially began as a weekend lifeguard programme at Budaiya Beach, has evolved into a significant organisation dedicated to fostering a culture of safety and preparedness among Bahrain’s populace.

With 32 lifeguards patrolling seven days a week and a community of over 200 trained individuals, RLSB has been instrumental in ensuring the safety of citizens and visitors alike. The ‘Save a Little Life’ campaign comes at a time when only one in ten parents in Bahrain possesses first-aid training—a concerning statistic highlighted by Sam Rahman, the general manager of RLSB.

Rahman stresses the urgency of equipping parents and carers with essential lifesaving skills, especially in situations like drowning, CPR, bleeding, choking, and other emergencies. The initiative will kick off with an event hosted by BPS on March 7th, showcasing CCTV footage of Robyn Travis’s courageous intervention that saved her four-year-old student from choking on a piece of carrot.

Travis, who credits her training from RLSB for her timely response, emphasises the invaluable role of first aid knowledge in both professional and personal settings. Participants in the ‘Save a Little Life’ workshop, priced at BD25, will receive comprehensive training on administering first aid for various scenarios involving children.

RLSB aims to reach out to diverse communities, including parents, nannies, and anyone interested in child safety, to impart lifesaving skills and promote a culture of preparedness.

Beach safety

In addition to the campaign, RLSB continues its efforts to enhance beach safety through lifeguard patrols and advocacy for safe swimming practices. Rahman underscores the importance of swimming only at beaches monitored by lifeguards and encourages individuals to follow RLSB’s recommendations for safe swimming locations.

Furthermore, RLSB is also collaborating with municipalities to expand lifeguard services to public beaches across Bahrain, while creating job opportunities for young Bahrainis in the process.


Shaikha Nayla and Sam Rahman pose with the rescue team