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Expats feel the pinch as rents soar in Bahrain

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Reported by Zahra Ayaz

Expatriates in Bahrain are facing escalating rental prices, causing distress and making it increasingly challenging to find affordable housing, according to a recent poll conducted by The Daily Tribune.

It revealed that rents in popular expat areas such as Um Al Hassam, Manama, Juffair, and Adliya have skyrocketed, prompting families to consider either bearing the high costs or relocating to more affordable areas in the southern region.

To shed light on the reasons behind the surge in rental prices, The Daily Tribune reached out to real estate experts. Violeta Abbound, Account Manager at Carlton Real Estate, shared her insights, stating, “The escalating rents can be attributed to the amenities provided by the buildings.

Though areas like Adliya, Manama, and Um Al Hassam face extreme shortages of parking space, they are still in high demand among expatriates since they house the centres and businesses most frequented by them. These also include places of religious interest, restaurants, and recreational centres, leading residential building owners to capitalise on this sentiment by charging higher rents.

Another factor contributing to high rents is the service charge levied by the homeowner association.

This group, in collaboration with building management, determines the service charge imposed on building owners,” added Miss Violeta. Furthermore, restrictions on property ownership for non-Bahrainis play a role in the high rent prices.

Non-Bahrainis are limited to purchasing property only in specific areas, such as Juffair, Amwaj, Seef, Reef Island, and Durrat Marina, which naturally drives up prices.

Violeta recommends Juffair due to its rapid growth and popularity among expatriates. The area offers a variety of affordable rentals and properties, including both expensive and budget-friendly flats. Juffair’s central location provides convenient access to all areas of Bahrain.

Prime location

Muhammad Qasim Bakhsh, Managing Director at Al-Ghani Group, another real estate expert, highlighted that areas like Juffair, Adliya, Umm Al Hassam, Mahooz, and Seef are known for their higher prices due to their prime location and abundance of facilities such as offices, restaurants, shopping malls, and commercial areas.

These areas offer unparalleled accessibility to all corners of Bahrain, making them highly sought-after.