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New initiatives aim to combat soaring prices in Bahrain

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Reported by Julia Cassano  

Price increases have been observed by everyone who buys every day coffee or weekly shopping. Bahrain was projected to have 3.6 percent inflation in 2022, according to World Data Info.

More recently, in April 2023 compared to the same month a year prior, the price of food in Bahrain rose by 6.70 percent. Fortunately, compared to the most developed and developing market nations, inflation in the GCC has been somewhat lower.

However, people who make little salaries continue to be impacted by the growing costs. Bahraini citizens with university degrees are entitled to a minimum income of BD450, whereas Bahraini citizens with diploma degrees often earn BD380 per month on average. Expats also suffer as there is no minimum wage set for them, and they are usually paid lower monthly salaries.

Fortunately, the Industry and Commerce Ministry announced the launch of the consumer protection initiative for commercial establishments that sell and trade commodities and food products in the Bahrain market.

It is aiming to reduce the cost of 10 food commodities by 10 percent. As people fall victim to the soaring prices of basic living needs, the new initiative will support residents and citizens in Bahrain by offering the lowest price for food items, ensuring affordability in the country.