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Bahraini artist displays exceptional talent

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Reported by Ashen Tharaka

Bahraini Buthaina Ghanem Shaheen works for the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Agriculture as a project officer for the development of cities and villages and has a passion for art.

She has loved art and lovely drawings since she was a young child, and she especially likes Picasso’s paintings. Ghanem is a skilled artist who uses a variety of colours and techniques. Arabic calligraphy writing in graphite, pencil, and charcoal on pine wood — an oil painting — pan pastels, canvas, and acrylic are a few of them.


The time it takes to finish the technical drawings varies depending on the type of artwork she is sketching, but in any event, it never takes longer than a week. She enjoys sketching with "acrylic" colours and drawing with graphite pencils and charcoal.

"I am proud to have created this work of art. It is a special drawing of His Royal Highness Shaikh Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa, the Crown Prince, Prime Minister, and Deputy Supreme Commander, and his honourable sons," said Ghanem.

"It also features Her Royal Highness Princess Sabeeka bint Ibrahim Al Khalifa, wife of His Majesty the King Hamad Isa bin Al Khalifa, President of the Supreme Council for Women, where I utilised charcoal and graphite pencil."


She has created paintings on canvas using acrylic paints that depict natural landscapes and other classic works, such as the southern artist’s "Ain Umm Ghuwaifa" picture. "I think Bahrain will be the centre of Arab culture and beauty," she said.

The statement made by HRH Prince Salman to support Bahraini artists and promote initiatives that consolidate Bahrain’s position in the fields of art emphasises the limitless provision made by the Bahraini government to artists and talented people, Ghanem told The Daily Tribune.