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Filipino artists take centre stage at Pinoy Independence Day Festival

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Bahrain will experience the festive Filipino spirit as the celebration for the 125th Philippine Independence Day begins!

The month-long celebration, which started at Dana Mall on June 2, was well attended by Filipinos and different residents of Bahrain.

The "Pinoy Independence Day Festival" was organised with the support of the Philippine Embassy in the Kingdom and partnered with Lulu Hypermarket, Filipino Creatives Bahrain, and Good Cause Bahrain.

The event hosted several Filipino activities such as traditional games, cooking shows, a live art show by the FilCreatives artists, a short film showing, live performances, and all-day food and retail bazaars.

Filipino Creatives in Bahrain exhibited their Filipino-themed paintings throughout the day. All the artworks showed the beauty of the Philippines’ landscapes, portraits, and flora-inspired paintings.

Artists at Filcreatives also showed their creative talent by doing on-the-spot paintings. The crowd was inspired by the talent shown by the artists. Catherine Paje, one of the founders of FilCreatives, stated that "We are thankful for opportunities like this because it is one way of reaching out to the people and showing them the beauty of the arts.

Performing and talking to different people we meet is a wonderful opportunity for the artists to express themselves while at the same time giving inspiration to everyone who joins the celebration.