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Bahrain to host the world's largest floating book expo

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Reported by Julia Cassano

Bookworms are looking forward to the largest floating book fair arriving in Bahrain from June 7 to 18, which will feature thousands of titles to borrow!

The Logos Hope is a non-profit organisation run by GBA Ships, a German-based worldwide humanitarian organisation.

Logos Hope has over 5,000 book titles on board and a supply of half a million volumes, allowing those who enjoy reading and literature to explore a variety of genres for both children and adults. Science, languages, dictionaries, the arts, medicine, and sports are just a few of the categories available to book lovers.

Logos Hope was in Abu Dhabi, UAE from May 18 until yesterday. After stopping in Bahrain, it will travel to Qatar, Kuwait, and Oman. Logos Hope accepts a variety of currencies, including Bahraini dinars, Euros, and US dollars.

The admission price is 500 fils, although children under the age of 12 enter for free. The hours of operation are 4 pm to 11 pm.