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Man jailed in Bahrain for scamming jeweller

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A Bahraini court has awarded a year in jail to a man charged with tricking a salesman at a gold jewellery shop and fleeing without paying. Police arrested him following an inquiry into a case filed by the jewellery shop for allegedly stealing from the shop.

Case files said the man approached the jewellery shop, selected a gold item and offered to pay using an online application. However, the salesman claimed that instead of paying the billed amount, the man requested the same amount from the shop through the app, which they failed to recognise.

According to the victim, the suspect engaged them in conversation while presenting a receipt that appeared to show the billed amount, thereby claiming that the transaction was complete. The suspect also swiftly left the shop with the purchased item.

The salesman told cops that he recognised the mistake only after some time and after checking the transactions. He discovered that the receipt shown to him was a payment request for the billed amount and not for the payment received by the shop.

The shop then registered a complaint with the police, who managed to apprehend the suspect. Investigators also informed the court that the man was a habitual offender and had used the same method to cheat other gold shops in the area.

The Public Prosecution charged him with cheating and sent him for trial before the Lower Criminal Court. Officials said this incident highlights the importance of being cautious while conducting online transactions, especially in high-value purchases.