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UK keen to collaborate with Bahrain on science and technology: UK ambassador

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Reported by Ashen Tharaka     

The Ambassador of the United Kingdom to Bahrain, Roderick Drummond, has expressed his country’s interest in collaborating with Bahrain as part of its newly unveiled technology strategy.

The strategy dubbed The UK Science and Technology Framework set out the ambition for the UK to be internationally recognized as a tech superpower by 2030. In an interview with The Daily Tribune, Drummond said the Technology Strategy outlines the UK’s approach to global technology leadership.

He also pointed out that the roadmap for reaching tech superpower status by 2030 is guided by four principles - to be open, responsible, secure, and resilient - to share the UK’s engagement on technologies internationally.

Drummond expressed his admiration for the UK’s new plan, which he believes is the culmination of years of work aimed at making the country a global science and technology superpower.

“It’s fascinating to see the launch of the UK new strategy, which reflects the work the UK has been building on for years to make the UK a science and technology superpower globally,” he said. He also stressed that while the UK is already a technology leader, it intends to build on this achievement and work closely with its partners in Bahrain to solidify its position as an S&T superpower.

“We seek to work with our partners in Bahrain to cement our place as an S&T superpower,” Drummond told The Daily Tribune.