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Ex-husband wins Bahrain court battle over housing application

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A court battle between a Bahrain woman and her ex-husband ended with the court ruling in favour of the woman’s ex-husband.

The woman had claimed that her ex-husband tricked her into converting a housing request filed by him into her name.

“This deliberate action by the man has prevented me from filing a new housing application,” the woman said. She also told the court that the man had threatened her before filing a divorce that he would not allow her to get a new house.

The defendant’s lawyer Latifa Al Naar, however, rejected the allegations and told the court the ex-husband had acted in good faith. The woman by accepting the man’s old application has found her name well ahead of other applicants on the housing list.

“This wouldn’t have been the case if she had gone ahead with filing a new application,” the lawyer said. “Besides, divorcees’ applications are limited to owning apartments, but the plaintiff’s application is for a house.

“My client was surprised to see the case filed against him,” the lawyer told the court. The court said that the documents clearly confirm that the defendant had given up his housing application to the plaintiff, and this had put her in an advantageous position. The court also rejected the woman’s claims that the man’s lawyer Latifa Al Naar initiative is malicious.