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Civil Defence rescues six from apartment fire in Budaiya

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A major fire that broke out in an apartment in the Budaiya area ended without any fatalities, thanks to the Civil Defence for bringing out six people trapped inside with smoke inhalation injuries on time. Officials said the injured were treated on-site for suffocation and then rushed to the hospital by the National Ambulance service team. Residents nearby told Tribune that the firefighters arrived at the scene soon after sending an alert.

Thick plumes of smoke were seen billowing from the building as the rescuers prepared for the mission and police cordoned off the area. Crews launched an initial external attack before moving inside to rescue the residents and extinguish the rapidly spreading flames. First responders said they saw the smoke coming from the building from several blocks across the streets. However, firefighters brought the fire quickly under control and performed cooling operations to prevent chances of resurgence. The exact cause of the fire is under investigation. It was immediately not known yesterday how many people lived in the building.