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Kingdom Pride Center in Living Business Middle East Semi-Finals

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The Daily Tribune –

Kingdom Pride Center is the first local department store in Bahrain, committed to raising awareness by providing sustainable choices and promoting a circular economy.

They were selected to pitch In the small business category of the Living Business, HSBC and Get in the Ring Program event held in the UK Pavilion of the Dubai Expo last week in the semi-final round in two categories of ESG – Environmental Impact and the Social Impact that the business has had this year.

As the first steps in this direction, they started introducing various eco-friendly products like educational STEM toys made from recycled board and toothbrushes from bamboo fibre.

These have been made without chopping down any trees, and are extremely affordable, so it's easy for customers to be able to choose sustainable.

Next, they incentivized their customers to be environment-conscious with a discount for bringing in their carry bags, and additionally continue to hand out free cloth and paper bags to all their customers.

A first in Bahrain!

This has resulted in saving over 36,000 plastic bags from going into landfills each month.

Since they launched this initiative in September, they have already saved 108,000 plastic bags from becoming toxic waste.

Kingdom Pride Center is proud to have tied up with Zee Loop, a plastic recycling application.

Each time a plastic bottle is dropped into a pinned recycle bin on the Zee Loop app, eco reward points are issued, which may then be redeemed to shop in-store or online.

This incentivizes a change in customer mindset and can have a big impact on savings in addition to reducing the tonnage of plastic waste dumped into the sea.

Look out for more information on this soon! In the social category, 8 staff at Kingdom Pride Center completed Speaking English Courses to upgrade their skills.

They also saw the importance of accessibility of food for all through COVID and launched their own Food Bank called NESH in Bahrain – Nobody Ever Sleeps Hungry.

This runs on crowdsource funding and as Bahrain is known for its large-heartedness and we were not surprised that many of their customers made sure that the Food Bank is always full of food supplies.

These may then be picked up by anyone at all.

Kingdom Pride Center aligns its actions with the vision of HRH Crown Prince Prime Minister Shaikh Salman Bin Hamad Al Khalifa’s plans for a future net-zero economy by “…facilitating the ability of people to participate in it, both as producers and as consumers.”

They would further like to congratulate the Bahrain Airport Company for being the winner of the Living Business program from Bahrain!

 If your company would like to support sustainability, please get in touch on 38373019.