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Let’s grow digitally, Bahrain!

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The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) of the Kingdom of Bahrain has launched its promotional campaign aimed at introducing the mechanisms for registering new domain names for Bahrain (.bh).

It demonstrates the importance and benefits of using the domain name for Bahrain and clarifies the next stages that TRA will follow to make domain names available to businesses and the public in an easy and accessible manner.

A domain name is a name in English or Arabic letters chosen to be the address and the identity of the website and its services.

The TRA is managing and regulating the domain name registration services of Bahrain in both languages.

Domain names will be available for assignment with mainly IT companies, including telecommunications companies licensed by TRA wishing to assign domain names on behalf of TRA so that assignment is available for local and international customers.

The new process of registration is fast, simple, and secure cutting the time of registration from days to minutes.

Being able to register your .bh domain in such a quick manner is a boost to Bahrain’s digital presence in key sectors such as tourism, culture, and the economy.

The move is aimed at accelerating the kingdom’s drive to deliver an increasing number of its services online.


“TRA has launched an advanced and globally accredited online system for registering domain names, which will contribute to the development of an important aspect of the future vision of digital transformation at the public and private levels,” said Eng.
Mohamed Abdulla Alnoaimi, Director of Cyber Security and Technical Affairs.
“The registration of the domain name of Bahrain gives a Bahraini identity to local trademarks in particular or to individuals in general who are interested in the technology field, which distinguishes them from the rest of the names of other websites in the Internet world. Registration of names will become accessible to everyone and is an easy way compared to the previous situation.”
This campaign will also clarify the various options for registering domain names for websites, including global domain name registration websites, introducing the process of moving from one registrar to another in the event the domain name owner wants to move, and clarifying mechanisms for filing complaints and resolving disputes in the event of a dispute over the right to use between domain name owners etc.
In addition to .bh domain name, an International Top Level Domain Name in Arabic has been assigned for those wishing to use the names of their websites in Arabic.
Priority will be granted to those with a .bh digital presence and local extensions (i.e edu.bh) to book Arabic extensions for six months from the launch of the service, after which it will be made available to the general public.
TRA said that during the fourth quarter of 2021, registration will be open for trademark and CR holders initially.